Android Developer

Брест / Минск / Москва

Native Android Development:

  • Develop and implement mobile applications, middleware, and frameworks.
  • Utilize your expertise in Native Android & Java development to create robust and scalable high-volume production applications and develop prototypes quickly.
  • Build modern user interfaces as well as engineer complex solutions that run directly on the mobile device.


  • Kotlin
  • MVVM with Kotlin Coroutines;
  • Dagger 2;
  • Firebase services;
  • Kotlin multiplatform mobile.


  • New features implementation;
  • Support and refactoring of existing code;
  • Code review;
  • Ability and desire to review someone else’s code;
  • Ability to assess the complexity and time of tasks.


  • Strong Java / Kotlin experience;
  • Strong Android SDK experience;
  • Experience with Android Jetpack Components, Dagger 2;
  • Excellent understanding of computer fundamentals, MV* architecture patternts.


  • Knowledge of Unit testing, instrumental testing, including UI testing: Native Android Tools, Espresso(Kaspreso), Mockito, etc;
  • FKnowledge of profiling tools;
  • Experience with RxJava 2.


  • Kotlin multiplatform mobile;
  • Familiarity with Bluetooth (BLE & classic);
  • Experience with Android TV and AOSP development;
  • Some experience with OpenGL, MediaCodecs, decoding / encoding video.
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